Belfast Solidarity Centre

Just Books and the Belfast Solidarity Centre are now open from 12 noon to 6 pm Monday to Saturday. We will be hosting discussions, talks, film showings outside of these hours. Keep an eye on our events page for details. We shall continue to expand our stock of radical books, pamphlets and magazines over the Summer. Magazines include:


Imminent Rebellion


Socialist History

International Socialism

The Philosopher's Magazine

New Left Review

Monthly Review

GLQ (a journal of lesbian and gay studies)

Historical Materialism

History Today

The Leveller

Socialism Today

The Socialist

Green Socialist

Socialist Lawyer

Red Pepper

Labour Research

Look Left


Socialist Review

Socialist Lawyer

Our library continues to grow with more donations ever day. Feel free to contribute and get in touch about membership.

We hope that this space will incorporate a coffee shop and facilities for film showings and educational events, meetings and seminars. This should be an environment in which, formally or informally, ideas can be discussed, solidarity built and educational events take place. SolFed will be providing information, support and solidarity will be available to workers.

Just Books

Just Books has a history in Belfast that stretches back to the opening of the original Smithfield shop in June 1978 by the Belfast Anarchist Collective. While the shop closed its doors in June 1994 the Just Books Collective has continued to provide stalls at events such as grassroots gatherings, at Belfasts annual May Day celebrations and Belfast and Dublin Anarchist Bookfairs.

Like the original Just Books we are aiming towards something which is much more than just a bookshop. The original premises included a cafe and print workshop and provided a focal point for the collectives many activities until it closed sixteen years later in June 1994. Set up without any form of state subsidy or grant money was raised through running benefits, from interest free loans and donations from supporters. Just Books has always been run on a self managed basis with collective decision making at its core.