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Name Author Publisher ISBN Section
Anarchist Studies, vol. 19, no. 1---2011---Politics / Philosophy
Capital & Class, 'Empire and beyond,' no. 86---Summer 20053098168Politics / Philosophy
Lib Ed, 'Play,' no. 23-24---Spring 1994951399748Politics / Philosophy
Wildcat Spain Encounters Democracy 1976-78---1978/79---Politics / Philosophy
Restructuring and Resistance. Diverse voices of struggle in Western EuropeAbramsky, Kolya (ed.)2001---Politics / Philosophy
The Real Cost of Prisons ComixAherns, LoisPM Press, 20081604860344Politics / Philosophy
For MarxAlthusser, LouisVerso, 2005184467052XPolitics / Philosophy
Anarchist Voices. An oral history of anarchism in AmericaAvrich, PaulAK, 20051904859275Politics / Philosophy
The Communist HypothesisBadiou, AlainVerso, 20101844676002Politics / Philosophy
Marxism, Freedom and the StateBakunin, MichaelFreedom, 1950---Politics / Philosophy
Marxism, Freedom and the StateBakunin, MichaelFreedom, 1984---Politics / Philosophy
Culture and AnarchismBarclay, HaroldFreedom Press, 1997900384840Politics / Philosophy
Dada and Surrealism for BeginnersBethanis, Elsa and PeterFor Beginners, 20061934389003Politics / Philosophy
Beyond the Music: How Punks are Saving the World with DIY Ethics, Skills, & ValuesBiel, JoeCantankerous, 20121621064725Politics / Philosophy
Political Integration and Disintegration in the British IslesBirch, Anthony H.George Allen and Unwin, 197943201245Politics / Philosophy
A Rebel's Guide to LeninBirchall, IanBookmarks, 20051905192037Politics / Philosophy
Racism and the Class Struggle. Further pages from a black worker's notebookBoggs, JamesMonthly Review, 1970853451648Politics / Philosophy
Post-Scarcity AnarchismBookchin, MurrayAK Press, 20041904859062Politics / Philosophy
Karl Marx. Selected writings in sociology and social philosophyBottomore, T. B. and Maximilien RubelPelican, 1970---Politics / Philosophy
Marxist SociologyBottomore, TomThe MacMillan Press ltd., 1975333137744Politics / Philosophy
Distinction. A social critique of the judgement of tasteBourdieu, PierreRoutldge & Kegan Paul, 1984710211074Politics / Philosophy
The Moneyless ManifestoBoyle, MarkPermanent Publications 20121856231015Politics / Philosophy
Nationalism and the State (2 nd edition)Breuilly, JohnManchester UP, 1993719038006Politics / Philosophy
SyndicalismBrown, TomFreedom, 1990948984163Politics / Philosophy
The Politics of ProductionBurawoy, MichaelVerso, 1985860918041Politics / Philosophy
The Trouble with MusicCalahan, MatAK Press, 20051904859143Politics / Philosophy
The Chomsky ReaderChomsky, Noam (James Peck ed.)Pantheon Books, 1987394751736Politics / Philosophy
Pirates and Emperors, Old and New. International Terrorism in the Real WorldChomsky, NoamPluto, 2002745319807Politics / Philosophy
Hegemony or Survival. America's quest for global dominanceChomsky, NoamPenguin, 2004141015055Politics / Philosophy
Propaganda and the Public MindChomsky, Noam and David BarsamianPluto, 2001074531788XPolitics / Philosophy
Keeping the Rabble in LineChomsky, Noam and David BarsamianAK, 1994187317618XPolitics / Philosophy
Deterring DemocracyChomsky, NoamVintage, 20069780099135012Politics / Philosophy
For Reasons of StateChomsky, NoamFontana, 19736336159Politics / Philosophy
Stories Care Forgot. An anthology of New Orleans zinesClark, Ethan (ed.)Last Gasp, 2006867196610Politics / Philosophy
Class War. A decade of disorderClass War Federation (Ian Bone, Alan Pullen and Tim Scargill)Verso, 1991860915581Politics / Philosophy
Unfinished Business... the politics of Class WarClass War FederationAK, 19921873176457Politics / Philosophy
Soul On IceCleaver, EldridgePanther Modern Society, 1971586033300Politics / Philosophy
5 Days That Shook the World. Seattle and beyondCockburn, Alexander, Jeffrey St. Clair and Allan SekulaVerso, 2000185984779XPolitics / Philosophy
Obsolete Communism. The left-wing alternativeCohn-Bendit, Gabriel and DanielPenguin, 1969---Politics / Philosophy
Authority and Delinquency in the Modern StateComfort, AlexRoutledge and Kegan Paul, 1950---Politics / Philosophy
Protest and DiscontentCrick, Bernard and William A. Robson (eds.)Pelican, 1970140212310Politics / Philosophy
Days of War, Nights of Love. Crimethink for beginnersCrimethInc. ex-Workers' CollectiveCrimethInc., 2011---Politics / Philosophy
Anarcho-syndicalism in the 20th CenturyDamier, VadimBlack Cat, 20099780973782769Politics / Philosophy
Spring is Rebellious, Arguments about cultural freedom by Albie Sachs and respondentsDe Kok, Ingrid and Karen Press (eds.)Buchu Books, 1990958305714Politics / Philosophy
Anti-OedipusDeleuze, Gilles and FContinuum, 20089780826476951Politics / Philosophy
The FoldDeleuze, GillesContinuum, 2006082649076XPolitics / Philosophy
Black Popular CultureDent, Gina (ed.)Bay Press, 1992941920232Politics / Philosophy
Bakunin on AnarchyDolgoff, SamGeorge Allen & Unwin, 197343210120Politics / Philosophy
My First Time. A collection of first punk show storiesDuncan, ChrisAK, 20079781904859178Politics / Philosophy
Notes From Underground: zines and the politics of alternative cultureDuncombe, StephenMicrocosm, 20089781934620373Politics / Philosophy
Left of the Dial. Conversations with Punk IconsEnsminger, DavidPM, 20139781604866414Politics / Philosophy
Anarchism and the Black RevolutionErvin, Lorenzo Kom'boaMonkeywrench, IWW, 1994---Politics / Philosophy
Black Skin, White MasksFanon, FrantzPluto, 20089780745328485Politics / Philosophy
The Wretched of the EarthFanon, FrantzPenguin, 20019780141186542Politics / Philosophy
Marx and Engels. Basic writings on politics and philosophyFeuer, Lewis S.Fontana, 19746318916Politics / Philosophy
Losing Out. The emergence of Britain's underclassField, FrankBasil Blackwell, 1989631171495Politics / Philosophy
Marx in His Own WordsFischer, ErnstPelican, 1977---Politics / Philosophy
Managing Democracy, Managing Dissent. Capitalism, Democracy and the Organisation of ConsentFisher, Rebecca (ed.)Corporate Watch, 20139781907738098Politics / Philosophy
The Geography of Freedom. The odyssey of Fleming, MarieBlack Rose Books, 1988921689209Politics / Philosophy
Madness and Civilization. A history of insanity in the age of reasonFoucault, MichelVintage, 1988067972110XPolitics / Philosophy
The History of Sexuality, Vol. 1Foucault, MichelPenguin, 1990140124748Politics / Philosophy
Discipline and Punish. The birth of the prisonFoucault, MichelPenguin, 1991014013722XPolitics / Philosophy
The Birth of the ClinicFoucault, MichelRoutledge, 1993415039576Politics / Philosophy
Rebel Alliances. The means and ends of contemporary British anarchismsFranks, BenjaminAK, Dark Star, 20061904859402Politics / Philosophy
Anarchism and Moral PhilosophyFranks, Benjamin and Matthew Wilson (eds.)Palgrave, 20109780230580664Politics / Philosophy
Redistribution or Recognition? A political-philosophical exchangeFraser, Nancy and Axel HonnethVerso, 20031859844928Politics / Philosophy
Scottish Popular Politics. From radicalism to LabourFraser, W. HamishPolygon at Edinburgh, 20001902930118Politics / Philosophy
Marx on EconomicsFreedman, Robert (ed.)Pelican, 1968---Politics / Philosophy
American Capitalism. The concept of countervailing powerGalbraith, J. K.Pelican, 1967---Politics / Philosophy
The End of Anarchism?Galleani, LuigiCienfuegos, 19821904564552Politics / Philosophy
The Turning-Point of SocialismGaraudy, RogerFontana, 1970---Politics / Philosophy
Modernism. The lure of heresy from Baudelaire to Beckett and BeyondGay, PeterVintage, 20099780099441960Politics / Philosophy
Nations and Nationalism, (2nd edition)Gellner, ErnstBlackwell, 20061405134429Politics / Philosophy
Anarchism and Other EssaysGoldman, EmmaDover, 1969---Politics / Philosophy
Viva Valla! Grafica Revolucionaria CubanaGonzCasa Am9788485736461Politics / Philosophy
Anarchists Against the WallGordon, Uri and Ohal Grietzer (eds.)AK, IAS, 20139781849351140Politics / Philosophy
The Profit System. The Economics of CapitalismGreen, Francis and Bob SutcliffePelican, 1987140227164Politics / Philosophy
Assimilating Identities. Racism and educational policy in post 1945 BritainGrosvenor, IanLawrence and Wishart, 1997853158398Politics / Philosophy
No Gods, No Masters. An anthology of anarchism, (Book one)GuAK, 19981873176643Politics / Philosophy
No Gods, No Masters. An anthology of anarchismGuAK, 19981904859259Politics / Philosophy
Bolivian DiaryGuevara, ChePimlico, 20041844138291Politics / Philosophy
Foucault. A very short introductionGutting, GaryOxford UP, 2005192805576Politics / Philosophy
The Hard Road to Renewal. Thatcherism and the crisis of the leftHall, StuartVerso, 1988860919153Politics / Philosophy
Bridge of Courage. Life stories of the Guatemalan compaHarbury, JenniferAK, 19941873176619Politics / Philosophy
EmpireHardt, Michael and Antonio NegriHarvard UP, 2000674006712Politics / Philosophy
Thatcher. A graphic guideHarriman, Ed and John FreemanCamden, 1986948491027Politics / Philosophy
The Condition of PostmodernityHarvey, DavidBlackwell, 19909780631162940Politics / Philosophy
Social Theory of Modern Societies. Anthony Giddens and his criticsHeld, David and John B. Thompson (eds.)Cambridge UP, 1994521278554Politics / Philosophy
The Coercive State. The decline of democracy in BritainHillyard, Paddy and Janie Percy-SmithFontana, 19886370837Politics / Philosophy
Deschooling SocietyIllich, IvanPelican, 1976140212809Politics / Philosophy
Celebration of AwarenessIllich, IvanPelican, 1976140219277Politics / Philosophy
Communist Organisations & Class ConsciousnessInternational Communist CurrentICC, c. 1980---Politics / Philosophy
Soledad Brother (with newspaper clipping reporting of Jackson's murder in prison)Jackson, GeorgePenguin, 1971140033157Politics / Philosophy
The Selfish Capitalist. Origins of AffluenzaJames, OliverVermilion, 20089780091924164Politics / Philosophy
Pierre BourdieuJenkins, Richard (ed.)Routledge, 2002415285275Politics / Philosophy
Social IdentityJenkins, RichardRoutledge, 20089780415448499Politics / Philosophy
The Changing Geography of the United Kingdom, (2nd edition)Johnston, R. J. and Vince GardinerRoutledge, 1995415032423Politics / Philosophy
Some Recent Attacks. Essays cultural & politicalKelman, JamesAK, 19921873176805Politics / Philosophy
The Shock Doctrine. The rise of disaster capitalismKlein, NaomiPenguin, 20079781846140280Politics / Philosophy
Fences and Windows. Dispatches from the front lines of the globalization debateKlein, NaomiFlamingo, 20027150474Politics / Philosophy
China, Sweatshop of the World. The Coming RevoltKolo, Vincent and Chen Lizhichinaworker.info, 20089789197299985Politics / Philosophy
Three Essays on MarxismKorsch, KarlPluto, 1971902818082Politics / Philosophy
Crimes of CultureKostelanetz, RichardAutonomedia, 19951570270236Politics / Philosophy
The Conquest of BreadKropotkin, PeterDover, 20119780486478500Politics / Philosophy
Fields, Factories and Workshops TomorrowKropotkin, PeterFreedom, 1998090038428XPolitics / Philosophy
Sober Living for the Revolution. Hardcore punk, straight edge, and radical politicsKuhn, Gabriel (ed.)PM, 20109781604860511Politics / Philosophy
Marx and Engels on the Trade UnionsLapides, Kenneth (ed.)International Publishers, 1990717806766Politics / Philosophy
The Campaigning Handbook, (2nd edition)Lattimer, MarkDirectory of Social Change, 20001900360632Politics / Philosophy
Imperialism. The highest stage of capitalismLenin, V. I.International Publishers, 20089780717800988Politics / Philosophy
"Left-Wing" Communism, An Infantile DisorderLenin, V. I.Foreign Languages Press, 1975---Politics / Philosophy
State and RevolutionLenin, V. I.International Publishers, 1969---Politics / Philosophy
Governing China. From revolution through reformLieberthal, KennethW. W. Norton, 1995393969878Politics / Philosophy
The Exclusive Society. Citizenship and the poorLister, RuthChild Poverty Action Group, 1990946744262Politics / Philosophy
The Lives of Michel FoucaultMacey, DavidHutchinson, 199391753449Politics / Philosophy
Lenin and the Russian RevolutionMack, Donald W.Longman, 1981582204577Politics / Philosophy
The Struggle Against the State and Other EssaysMakhno, NestorAK, 19961873176783Politics / Philosophy
AnarchyMalatesta, ErricoFreedom, 1974900384077Politics / Philosophy
The Anarchist Revolution. Polemical articles 1924-1931Malatesta, ErricoFreedom, 1995900384832Politics / Philosophy
Essays on the New Working ClassMallet, SergeTelos, 1975091438614XPolitics / Philosophy
Social and Economic WritingsMann, TomSpokesman, 1988851244688Politics / Philosophy
The German Left. Red, green and beyondMarkovits, Andrei S. and Philip S. GorskiPolity, 1993074560286XPolitics / Philosophy
Capital, (Volume 2)Marx, KarlLawrence and Wishart, 1986---Politics / Philosophy
The Civil War in FranceMarx, KarlProgress, 1972---Politics / Philosophy
The Revolutions of 1848Marx, KarlPelican, 1973140216669Politics / Philosophy
On Literature and ArtMarx and EngelsProgress Publishers, 197610101861476Politics / Philosophy
The Communist Manifesto and Other WritingsMarx, Karl and Friedrich EngelsBarnes & Noble Classics, 20059781593081003Politics / Philosophy
The Philosophy of FoucaultMay, ToddAcumen, 2006184465057XPolitics / Philosophy
Trade UnionsMcCarthy, W. E. J.Penguin, 1976140806253Politics / Philosophy
From the Local to the Global. Key issues in development studiesMcCann, Gerard and Stephen McCloskeyPluto, 2003745318126Politics / Philosophy
An Anarchist FAQ, (Volume one)McKay, IainAK, 20079781902593906Politics / Philosophy
Karl Marx. Selected writings, (2nd edition)McLellan, DavidOxford UP, 2004198782659Politics / Philosophy
Marx's GrundrisseMcLellan, DavidPaladin, 1973586081003Politics / Philosophy
I Couldn't Paint Golden AngelsMeltzer, AlbertAK, 19961873176937Politics / Philosophy
AnarchismMiller, DavidDent, 1984460110934Politics / Philosophy
Principles of Social JusticeMiller, DavidHarvard UP, 2003067400714XPolitics / Philosophy
Revolution of Conscience. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Philosophy of NonviolenceMoses, GregGuilford, 19971572304073Politics / Philosophy
Goodbye Mr Socialism. Radical politics in the 21st centuryNegri, Antonio, with Raf ScelsiSerpent's Tail, 20089781852429522Politics / Philosophy
Political Descartes. Reason, ideology and the bourgeois projectNegri, AntonioVerso, 20079781844675821Politics / Philosophy
Karl Marx: man and fighterNicolaievsky, Boris, and Otto Maenchen-HelfenPelican, 1976140215948Politics / Philosophy
The Genealogy of MoralsNietzsche, FriedrichDover, 2003486426912Politics / Philosophy
The Birth of TragedyNietzsche, FriedrichPenguin, 1993140433392Politics / Philosophy
Ecce HomoNietzsche, FriedrichPenguin, 1979140443932Politics / Philosophy
Human, All Too HumanNietzsche, FriedrichPenguin, 1994140446176Politics / Philosophy
Thus Spoke ZarathustraNietzsche, FriedrichPenguin, 1968140441182Politics / Philosophy
Beyond Good and EvilNietzsche, FriedrichPenguin, 2003014044923XPolitics / Philosophy
The Gay ScienceNietzsche, FriedrichDover, 2006486452468Politics / Philosophy
Digital Divide. Civic engagement, information poverty, and the internet worldwideNorris, PippaCambridge UP, 2001---Politics / Philosophy
Máirtin Ó CatháinA Wee Black Booke of Belfast Anarchism (1867-1973)Organise!, 2004---Politics / Philosophy
Against the Nation. Anti-national politics in GermanyOgman, RobertNew Compass, 20139788293064206Politics / Philosophy
Arena Three. Anarchism in musicO'GuRead and Noir, 20129781873976517Politics / Philosophy
The Philosophy of Punk. More than noise!O'Hara, CraigAK, 19991873176163Politics / Philosophy
A New View of Society and Other WritingsOwen, RobertPenguin, 19919780140433487Politics / Philosophy
Workers' CouncilsPannekoek, AntonAK, 20031902593561Politics / Philosophy
The Nietzsche ReaderPearson, Keith Ansell, and Duncan Large (eds.)Blackwell, 2006631226540Politics / Philosophy
The Most Radical Gesture. The Situationist International in a postmodern agePlant, SadieRoutledge, 1992415062225Politics / Philosophy
RepublicPlatoMacMillan, 1906---Politics / Philosophy
Arena One. On Anarchist CinemaPorton, Richard (ed.)Read and Noir, PM, 20099781441184269Politics / Philosophy
Punk & Post-Punk, vol. 1, no. 1---2012---Politics / Philosophy
Punk & Post-Punk, vol. 1, no. 2---2012---Politics / Philosophy
Punk & Post-Punk, vol. 1, no. 3---2012---Politics / Philosophy
Punk & Post-Punk, vol. 4, no. 1---2015---Politics / Philosophy
The Foucault ReaderRabinow, PaulPenguin, 19919780140124866Politics / Philosophy
Politics. Cutting through the crapRai, BaliWalker Books, 20061844287785Politics / Philosophy
The No-Nonsense Guide to Fair TradeRansom, DavidNew Internationalist, 2007190445643XPolitics / Philosophy
The Meaning of ArtRead, HerbertFaber, 1974571096581Politics / Philosophy
Sex-PolReich, Wilhelm, Lee Baxandall (ed.)Random House, 1972394479211Politics / Philosophy
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. An introduction to their lives and workRiazanov, DavidMonthly Review, 1973853452970Politics / Philosophy
Introducing DescartesRobinson, Dave, and Chris GarrattIcon, 20109781848311725Politics / Philosophy
Introducing PhilosophyRobinson, Dave, and Judy GrovesIcon, 20079781840468533Politics / Philosophy
An Essay on Marxian EconomicsRobinson, JoanMacmillan, 1967---Politics / Philosophy
Nationalism and CultureRocker, RudolfBlack Rose, 19981551640965Politics / Philosophy
Rolling Thunder, no. 2CrimethInc. ex-Workers' CollectiveWinter 2006---Politics / Philosophy
Rolling Thunder, no. 3CrimethInc. ex-Workers' CollectiveSummer 2006---Politics / Philosophy
Rolling Thunder, no. 9CrimethInc. ex-Workers' CollectiveSpring 2010---Politics / Philosophy
Looking at Class. Film, television and the working class in BritainRowbotham, Sheila, and Huw Beynon (eds.)Rivers Oram Press, 20011854891219Politics / Philosophy
Russian Politics and Society, (3rd edn.)Sakwa, RichardRoutledge, 20029780415227537Politics / Philosophy
Black Flame. The revolutionary class politics of anarchism and syndicalismSchmidt, Michael, and Lucien van der WaltAK, 20099781904859161Politics / Philosophy
The No-Nonsense Guide to Class, Caste & HierarchiesSeabrook, JeremyVerso, 20021859844650Politics / Philosophy
Lenin. A biographyService, RobertPan Books, 2002330491393Politics / Philosophy
AnarchismSheehan, SeReaktion Books, 20031861891695Politics / Philosophy
LeninShub, DavidPelican, 1971---Politics / Philosophy
A Companion to EthicsSinger, Peter, (ed.)Blackwell, 19939780631187851Politics / Philosophy
Economics and the Crisis of EcologySingh, NarindarBellew, 1989947792201Politics / Philosophy
Social Change and Development. Modernization, dependency, and world-system theoriesSo, Alvin Y.Sage, 1990803935471Politics / Philosophy
Lenin in ZSolzhenitsyn, AlexanderBook Club Associates, 1976---Politics / Philosophy
With the Peasants of AragonSouchy Bauer, AugustinCienfuegos Press, 1982904564511Politics / Philosophy
Squatting in Europe. Radical Spaces, Urban StrugglesSquatting Europe Kollective (eds.)Minor Compositions, 20139781570272578Politics / Philosophy
Hannah ArendtSwift, SimonRoutledge, 20099780415425865Politics / Philosophy
Agit DiscoSzczelkun, Stefan (ed.)Mute, 20129781906496517Politics / Philosophy
Cuba. Socialism and democracyTaaffe, PeterCWI, 20001870958225Politics / Philosophy
Socialism and Left Unity. A critique of the socialist workers partyTaaffe, PeterSocialist publication, 20081870958381Politics / Philosophy
Multiculturalism. Examining the politics of recognitionTaylor, CharlesPrinceton UP, 1994691037795Politics / Philosophy
Black Bloc, White Riot. Anti-globalization and the genealogy of dissentThompson, AKAK, 20109781849350143Politics / Philosophy
From Marx to Mao Tse-Tung. A study in revolutionary dialecticsThomson, GeorgeChina Policy Study Group, 1973950201502Politics / Philosophy
The Organized WorkerTopham, TonyArrow, 197599102005Politics / Philosophy
In Defence of MarxismTrotsky, LeonNew Park, 1982902030183Politics / Philosophy
Trade Unions in the epoch of imperialist decayTrotsky, LeonPathfinder 2004873485831Politics / Philosophy
The Marxian Revolutionary IdeaTucker, Robert C.George Allen & Unwin, 197043200664Politics / Philosophy
What Would It Mean to Win?Turbulence CollectivePM, 20109781604861105Politics / Philosophy
The City Is Ours. Squatting and autonomous movements in Europe from the 1970s to the presentVan Der Steen, Bart, Ask Katzeff, and Leendart Van Hoogenhuijze (eds.)PM, 20149781604866834Politics / Philosophy
The Theory of the Leisure ClassVeblen, ThorsteinMentor, 1953---Politics / Philosophy
The Politics of ConstructionismVelody, Irving and Robin Williams (eds.)Sage, 1998---Politics / Philosophy
Popular Defense & Ecological StrugglesVirilio, PaulSemiotext(e), 1990936756055Politics / Philosophy
Invisibility Blues. From pop to theoryWallace, MicheleVerso, 1990860915190Politics / Philosophy
Lowest of the LowWallraff, GMethuen, 1988413196801Politics / Philosophy
Talking AnarchyWard, Colin and David GoodwayPM, 20149781604868128Politics / Philosophy
Philosophy in Minutes. 200 key concepts explained in an instantWeeks, MarcusQuercus, 20149781782066460Politics / Philosophy
Israeli Apartheid. A beginner's guideWhite, BenPluto, 20099780745328874Politics / Philosophy
To Make People Smile Again. A memoir of the Spanish Civil WarWheeler, GeorgeZymurgy, 20031903506077Politics / Philosophy
Genealogies of DifferenceWidder, NathanUni of Illinois, 2002252027078Politics / Philosophy
Politics of ModernismWilliams, RaymondVerso, 20079781844675807Politics / Philosophy
Crime Thought: Theorizing CrimethInc.Wood, AldenCreative Commons, 20129781620490044Politics / Philosophy
Class CountsWright, Erik OlinCambridge UP, 2000521663946Politics / Philosophy
Opening the Books. Essays on the social and cultural history of the British Communist PartyAndrews, Geoff, Nina Fishman, Kevin Morgan (eds.)Pluto, 1995745308724History / Labour History
Anne Frank In the World, 1929-1945Anne Frank FoundationUitgeverij Bert Bakker, 1985 [1991]9072972015History / Labour History
History of the Makhnovist Movement, 1918-1921Arshinov, PeterFreedom, 2005900384409History / Labour History
Commemorating the Centenary of the Chicago EventsAskoldova, SvetlanaNovosti Press, 1986901010000History / Labour History
My Friend, the EnemyAvnery, UriZed Books, 1986862322154History / Labour History
Shifting HorizonsBeaton, LynnCanary Press, 1985950996734History / Labour History
The Story of CrassBerger, GeorgeOmnibus, 20089781847724649History / Labour History
The Workers' Report on VickersBeynon, Huw and Hilary WainwrightPluto, 1979086104066XHistory / Labour History
To Remember Spain. The anarchist and syndicalist revolution of 1936Bookchin, MurrayAK, 19941873176872History / Labour History
The Spanish Labyrinth. An account of the social and political background of the Spanish Civil WarBrenanCambirdge UP, 1986521091071History / Labour History
Sectarianism in ScotlandBruce, Steve, Tony Glendinning, Iain Paterson, Michael RosieEdinburgh UP, 2004748619119History / Labour History
With Fate Conspire. Memoirs of a Glasgow seafarer and anarchistCaldwell, John TaylorNorthern Herald Books, 1999952316714History / Labour History
Wigan Pier RevisitedCampbell, BeatrixVirago, 198986084172History / Labour History
Saddam's Iraq. Revolution or reaction?Committee Against Repression and for Democratic Rights in IraqZed Books, 1990862328217History / Labour History
The Russian Revolution From Lenin to Stalin, 1917-1929Carr, E. H.Papermac, 1977333290364History / Labour History
The Rise of FascismCarsten, F. L.University Paperbacks, 1976416181902History / Labour History
Anarchist Organization. The history of the F.A.I.Casas, Juan GBlack Rose, 1986920057381History / Labour History
The Left Europe since 1789Caute, DavidWorld University Library, 1966---History / Labour History
Spray Paint the Walls. The story of Black FlagChick, StevieOmnibus, 20099781847726209History / Labour History
The Long Struggle of Eritrea, For independence and constructive peaceCliffe, Lionel and Basil DavidsonSpokesman, 1988851244637History / Labour History
The Railway NavviesColeman, TerryPenguin, 1981140055428History / Labour History
Labour Camps. The British experienceColledge, DaveSheffield Popular Publishing, 19891870513010History / Labour History
Still Suitable for Miners. Billy BraggCollins, AndrewVirgin, 20079780753512456History / Labour History
The Great TerrorConquest, RobertPelican, 197114021285XHistory / Labour History
Unbroken. Resistance and survival in the concentration campsCrome, LenLawrence and Wishart, 1990853156867History / Labour History
Glorious Summer. Class struggle in Britain in 1972Darlington, Ralph and Dave LyddonBookmarks, 20011898876681History / Labour History
Comrade of Brother? The history of the British labour movement 1789-1951Davis, MaryPluto, 1993745307612History / Labour History
Teaching Rebellion. Stories from the grassroots mobilization in OaxacaDenham, Diana and C.A.S.A. Collective (eds.)PM, 20089781604860320History / Labour History
The Anarchist Collectives. Workers' self-management in the Spanish Revolution 1936-1939Dolgoff, SamFreeLife, 1977914156020History / Labour History
A Year of our Lives. A colliery community in the great coal strike of 1984/85Douglass, David John (ed.)Hooligan Press, 19861869802022History / Labour History
Ghost DancersDouglass, David JohnChristie Books, 20109781873976401History / Labour History
Stripes in the Sky. A wartime memoirDurlacher, GerhardSerpent's Tail, 19911852422025History / Labour History
Stripes in the Sky. A wartime memoirDurlacher, GerhardSerpent's Tail, 19911852422025History / Labour History
Napoleon and EuropeDwyer, Philip G.Longman, 2001582318378History / Labour History
The Commundards of Paris, 1871Edwards, Stewart (ed.)Thames & Hudson, 1973500760020History / Labour History
The 100 Greatest Women of all TimeFelder, Deborah G.Past Times, 19971854879901History / Labour History
Policing the Miners' StrikeFine, Bob & Robert Millar (eds.)Lawrence and Wishart, 1985853156336History / Labour History
A History of British Trade Unionism 1700-1998Fraser, W. HamishMacMillan, 1999333596102History / Labour History
The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! Pageantry and patriotism in Cold-war AmericaFried, Richard MOxford UP, 1998195070208History / Labour History
The Day the Country Died. A history of anarcho-punk 1980-1984Glasper, IPM, 20149781604865165History / Labour History
Armed With Anger. How UK punk survived the ninetiesGlasper, IanCherry Red Books, 20129781901447729History / Labour History
Farewell to the Working Class. An essay on post-industrial socialismGorz, AndrPluto, 1982861043642History / Labour History
Dezerter. Miscarried generation?Grabowski, KrzysztofKayax, 20109788392781165History / Labour History
The Militarization of South African PoliticsGrundy, Kenneth W.Oxford UP, 1988019282077XHistory / Labour History
100 Years of Labor in the USAGuInk Links, 1979906133106History / Labour History
The Family. A social history of the 20th centuryHarriss, John (ed.)Harrap, 1982245549579History / Labour History
The Missionary Position. Mother Teresa in theory and practiceHitchens, ChristopherVerso, 1995185984054XHistory / Labour History
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